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  2. Wednesday, 27 May 2020
If I enable the Guest Checkout option on HikaShop when you try to checkout on the frontend and choose Guest from the Login, Register, Guest option, it doesn't display the proper fields. It seems that it's rendering the registration fields instead of the Guest fields.

If I switch to the joomla default template it renders the correct fields when toggled.

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please DELETE OR RENAME this folder and check again

If will not help, delete or rename also those 3 files

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Sorry, I should have mentioned I already tried deleting html/com_hikashop from the Templar with no change aside from some headings and layout changes. Still the guest option doesn change properly.
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I hope you know that "Guest Checkout" is not available in the Starter/Free version of Hika.
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Sorry for the confusion... I think I know..

You have to change component used for login and registration. Now default Joomla is used,
and you need views from HikaShop instead.
Look at the screenshot from my shop. I shouldn't teach HikaShoo here, they don't pay me.:p


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Yes, I am aware that Guest isn't an option in the free version. If you need a copy of Hika I can send it over.

Sorry, but no for the Menu Item possibility.

This is the checkout process for a new user. (Login/Register/Guest) It has nothing to do with a menu item being set to HikaShop's registration (which has been setup that way for a few years already). https://shepardmoon.com/login works as expected.

The only thing we changed was to enable the Guest option in Hika. Oddly, the header changes from Register to Guest and the button at the bottom changes from Register to Next. It's the the text block inputs do not change.

It seems there is some sort of conflict with Helix preventing the Guest option from switching.

Error Reporting shows:
Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/phillipsm/public_html/plugins/system/helix/core/helix.php on line 548

Browser Console on that page shows an issue with the modernizr js in the Helix plugin

Again, if I change the default template to Protostar it works as expected.
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For my shop I use Helix Ultimate, not Helix II (old). Maybe that's why I don't have similar problems.
But I agree It has to be somehow fixed by our developer. Personally I cannot touch the php code.
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Any updates for a fix for this?
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