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  2. Thursday, 07 August 2014

how I can hide some modules from mobile device?

I know that there is an option in the layout builder, but I have to hide just some modules, not the whole module position.

With other framework like Vertex I can do this writing "class=hide_mobile" on the title of the module, but I don't know how I can this with Helix

I hope that you have provided this important feature ;)
Accepted Answer
Hi, you can use module class suffix to hide for mobile and table layout. Just use module class suffix for those specific module.
hidden-phone , hidden-tablet

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Dear Jakir,

thanks a lot, this is a good news for me!

Can you suggest me where I can find this instruction on the tutorial, please? I think to have read all the tutorial without to find this: maybe I'm losing anything?

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