1. Eduka
  2. Monday, 20 May 2013
Hello, I am trying to make the Headings (Main page and articles) smaller and the text font changed to black (currently is grey by default). I was looking at the CSS to try to fix it myself but I just couldn't, please help


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For make the headings smaller go to joomla.css file. You will find this file in this path: templates\shaper_eduka\css. Here edit the line no 32. And for the text font go to template.css file. You will find the file in the same path. Here go to line no 23 and customize it.
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  2. Eduka
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Hi Sohan, thanks for your prompt response. I went to the file Joomla, line 32 and it is empty (attached is a JPG with the screenshot).

The text font is fine, I found it on line 23 (template.css file).

Thanks you!
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  2. Eduka
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Dear Alan
Edit the line no 42 to customize the heading.
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  2. Eduka
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