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  2. Thursday, 09 April 2020
On my homepage the left component that slides back and forth with featured articles, im having issues with. I had 2 featured articles working fine. I duplicated one article and added different content and published so I would have 3 articles showing in the moving componet (article) - beer and 2020 best vehicles. I changed the number of articles to show in sp page builder to 3. when I refreshed the new 3rd article I created was not there (correct category) and the image for the car is now missing? I went in and deleted the new one I made and the image of the car in one of the 2 articles that was working before is still missing ? The image is in the article??? but nothing shows except the text. please help
Ican pm you login?
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Hello Candy,
Apology for your issue. Please send your admin credentials via PM to check your issue. Click on my avatar and send message to PM.

- Best regards
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