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  2. Friday, 07 December 2012
I have almost finished a media site am developing for a client,now i want to change the logo of the template to my companies name and the back ground colours, how will i go about doing that plz?????????
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Hi there,

Template bg color is at template.css in body.bg

The logo is at images/logo.gif

Keep the same size so you dont deformat the template.

Hope it helps.
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That means is possible but i have to be careful so as to not deform the template...ok will do that,but can someone help me out if incase i cant get it?????
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Well, I think if you make it higher it will probably be fine. Wider you would need to see the limits, I dont know since I wasnt the one that did the template.

So sure, changing the logo is just changing the image and keep the same name. Or if you change the name you need to go into the CSS and change it.
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