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  2. Wednesday, 25 March 2020
I've added a new "Footer" row using Helix3 Layout Builder and I do not see the new row on the frontend. I'm expecting to see a new section in the layout but do not. Can you please advise on what I'm doing incorrectly?

Current sections match layout builder:
<section id="sp-header">
<section id="sp-page-title">
<section id="sp-main-body">
<section id="sp-bottom">

I'm expecting to see, "sp-footer" but do not.
<section id="sp-footer">
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Accepted Answer
look into : templateDetails.xml
to check what module position names you can use.


To see "sp-footer" first you have to publish any module in "footer1" position
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Thank you very much, I thought I did that. Worked.
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you're welcome
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