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  2. Sunday, 13 April 2014
Hi folks,

I'm trying to set up a site in three languages and somehow it doesn't want to work properly. I have separate main menus, articles and modules for each language. Can somebody give me a hint why switching back and forth isn't working properly or maybe even lend a hand in setting it up properly? Sorry, but I'm no programming expert here.
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Here is a good guideline about configuring multilingual website http://www.slideshare.net/erictiggeler/creating-a-multilingual-site-in-joomla-joomla-3-beginners-guide-eric-tiggeler#btnNext.
Will you please follow that slide?
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I made what you said following the tutorial on the internet.
everything seems ok in the tutorial except in the last part of it...
You have to unpublish the main menu to see only your translated menus .
The problem is that the only way to unpublish it is by the module manager WHERE THERE IS NO MODULE SUCH AS "MAIN MENU". it is instead a menumodule one and if you unpublish it it doesn't change anything. I htink the issue is here and that something in the core of the template has to be changed.
Any idea?
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Hi Simon not clear the issue. I think you missed something from the tutorial. Here is a clear tutorial.
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