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  2. Friday, 23 March 2018

I´ve searched in this forum but there is no similar issues. We have test in our group and the bug is repeated.

We are using last version sp page 3.1.3 and shaper helix ultimate template 1.0.1

We have created a position for title in templates layout builder. In its Row Option Style we have uploaded a background and we are trying to set up properly. We change Background size to Contain and Background position to Center but the changes are not saved. We have saved in several ways but the settings remains same.

I attach background settings that are not updated and the layout.

This positions does not react to responsive at this moment, we would like to reduce boxes and images size.

Do i explain?.


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Hi there,

Yes, i have got the point of your issue. Noted and we will fix it next update.

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