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  2. Saturday, 06 June 2020

I have an installation with the latest versions of Joomla, SP Page Builder and Helix Ultimate. (The same thing happens to me on several websites)

I add this ticket to Helix because I have other pages with the same configuration but with Helix3 instead of Ultimate and everything works correctly.

I know that you do not support third-party components (Route 66) but I will tell you in case you have already seen it in another case.
The issue is that when I configure CSS optimization on Route 66 the web visualization is deconfigured, as if it did not load properly the css.

Thank you in advance
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I think the best way would be to contact firecoders developers,
we cannot change our code only for them.

Maybe You need to do some file exclusion in settings, just like jCH_Optimser users sometimes do
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