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  2. Wednesday, 28 May 2014
I, and siteground support, have not been able to install the quickstart package for joomla 3.3. for the basic shaper-helix-ii framework. when installing, all goes well, until the database tables are being installed. it simply hangs.

i choose install sample data, and it hangs in the next step.

i have tried downloading it several times now, and kept installing, or attempting to! Even siteground support was not able to get this working... whats up??

see attachment (dutch language)
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Download the latest version(2.1.6) and try then let us know what happened.
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i am having the same problem. My joomla version is version 3.3. When are you gonna fix the template for joomla 3.3.
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Update the plugin(ver 2.1.8) and try. Let us know what happened then...
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