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  2. Friday, 06 February 2015
I am having a strange issue with Helix Mega Menu. Sometimes, out of nowhere, the sub-menus start opeing to the left instead of opening to the right. I have no idea why and i am not able to reproduce the problem, it happens on any browser, apparently after some navigation through the website.
Could someone please bring me some light on this annoying issue?
Web: http://www.cm-vilareal.pt/cmvr2

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Hi there,

Apology for keeping you waiting due to the weekend.

Your Joomshaper University template users 3-rd party CSS (please see my screenshots "custom_css.png" and "joomshaper_css.png";), which we obviously can not support. Either refer this and future style issues to the developer, who created those styles for you, or roll back to the out of the box University (the simplest way to do so would be installing University Quick Start pack).


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