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Strange things in Helix II.
I have modified the template.css and preset1.css in order to create my site. The places where I made some changes where: #sp-header-wrapper and .module H3 in templates.css and #sp-header-wrapper in preset1.css.
I saved the modification in the css files after each small change. The website looks OK.

When I cleared the cache in Joomla -- surprise, the website reverted to the standard settings.
I looked in the template.css and preset1.css files and all the changes that I made were reverted to the original values.

My question is what happened?
Is Helix II storing the original data from templates files and reverted to the original? Helix-II is not accepting changes in orginal files?

I tried 3 times the process. Same result.

I use the laste HELIX II version template and last version plugin 2.0.5.

Thanks for help or suggestions
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Kawshar Ahmed
Senior Staff
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Hi, Helix - II is using LESS technology. If you are not familiar with LESS then turn it off from the advanced tab of template parameter then edit the css file.
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Problem solved.
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