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  2. Thursday, 04 October 2018
On Helix 3 the header of uddeIM don't want to be in one line.

What can I do?
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Here is a quick CSS image fix for the uddeIM navigation bar:

#uddeim-navbar2 ul li img,
#uddeim-overview img {
display: initial;
vertical-align: initial;

#uddeim-navbar2 ul li img {
margin-bottom: -3px !important;

There is much more left to fix! If I get some free time, I try to create a more complete CSS override for "Bootstrap". The issue with uddeIM is, that you can't create real overrides for the output. Markup and default CSS have a very specific structure... A real pain to target and re-style everything.
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I use Helix 3

Ah, just noticed the topic's forum category. It reads HelixII.
Going to give it a try on a local test installation. Currently not at my desktop machine... Stay tuned.
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I use Helix 3 :-)

And yes it's the "community builder"-project.
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(PS: Haha, just read your issue on facebook. Would you mind to tell me your setup? Only HelixII and UddeIM? Anything else? Is this the CommunityBuilder project you've mentioned on facebook? I am curious why you use the outdated HELIXII framework.)
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