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  2. Thursday, 09 August 2018
Hi Paul,
I disabled all google fonts in the template config ( we had a few of dissuasions here in Germany using google fonts/ DSGVO ). I stored fonts locally to keep the design. But in sourcecode there´s still a link to a googleapi which has to be removed.

And if I start the fronteditor in SPB 3.2.4 I only see the menu and the bottom. Where are my rows?

Again thank you for your time.
kind regards
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yes, only Germany users have such problem, or maybe I should say, you do not want to risk.
About that font, it's not default, so it must be used by addon, module or ??? You have to check one by one. It's your task.

To fix it , you have to update SPPB Pro to 3.2.6. Just check changelog, it was fixed already.
You should update software before asking the question. Support Policy.
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