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  2. Wednesday, 27 May 2020
There appears to be a conflict with Google Analytics. I inserted the Google Analytics code into the Custom Code of the template and it didn't work with google analytics. I tried both the /before head, and /before body. I also installed a plug-in. GA verified the site, but it is not counting any visits to the site.

Thank you for your help in resolving this issue.
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if you even used a Google Analytics plugin and still didn't worked, it means that problem is somewhere else.
Please talk with SEO experts which have Google Certificates they can help you, it's beyond us.
We are not Google support.
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  2. MegaInc
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I went back and added the Google Tag Manager to the Custom Code in Template Options. This is what I get:

We have detected Google Tag Manager web requests, but were not able to find the code snippet on the page.

I see the code snippet in the page source so I'm not sure why Google doesn't see it.

Google Analytics worked fine with an older Joomshaper template in Joomla 2.5x. It just doesn't seem to be working with this template. That's why I think there must be a conflict with the template code.
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  2. MegaInc
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Switching to GoSquared seems to have solved my problem. I added their custom code to the before /head section of the template and it worked. For some reason, the template doesn't seem to be compatible with Google Analytics.
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  2. MegaInc
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Maybe talk with SEO expert first. He will tell you what is wrong.
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