1. SP Quick Contact (Module, not addon)
  2. Saturday, 14 July 2018
Hello together,

Is there a german-version or language-pack for the "Quick Contact Module"?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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we do not have it.
But you can translate that module, it's pretty easy.
1) Inside module package (ZIP) find: language\en-GB.mod_sp_quickcontact.ini
2) Rename to de-DE.mod_sp_quickcontact.ini
if you are from Germany.
3) Translate all phrases

4) Copy (using FTP tool) here languages\de-DE\de-DE.mod_sp_quickcontact.ini
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Thanks for your quick answers!

I have now to .ini-files in this directory on the server. One for English and the other for German. Do I have to create an override in joomla because it isn't working at the moment?
You can below method as well.
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And German language must be set in Joomla for front-end as well. Because by default there is English.
I don't understand this. Why do I have to create an override for the page build, though I'm not using the page builder. I'm only using the "SP Quick Contact" Module.
German is set for front-end an back-end as default language
I never said that you are using SPPB.
In general you do not have to... I presented you a 2nd alternative way.
maybe send me access to your site via PM, I will find issue.
The site is running on a demo server at the moment and from a client of mine. So I think im not allowed to give you the access

Please excuse
Ok, so let's wait
In the mean time I have found the mistake. The translation file for the module (.ini-file) wasn't in the /language/de-DE/ directory. I have moved it with ftp to this directory and now it's working.

Thanks anyway for your help!!
yes, next time you have to be more focused. I gave you full path. :p

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