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  2. Tuesday, 21 July 2020
Good day,

I've downloaded and checked out the Gazette template. This suits my needs for my site.

I have a few questions hopefully can be answered so I can figure out how I want to approach integrating it for my site.

I have a fresh Joomla installation. I have several things already installed (various extensions, templates, etc.) that I'll use in some places throughout the site. I've also read the Gazette template documentation which has shed some light on some things.

Some questions --

1. I'd like to "import" the Gazette template, along with its various modules that it uses, and (optionally) sample data into my existing Joomla installation.

I saw the following forum post: https://www.joomshaper.com/forums/gazette-quickstart-slowstart#reply-209713

Is this post to say that it's recommended to install the Quickstart method, then use Akeeba Backup to export (backup) the site, and then import it on the other site? Won't this overwrite ALL my data, extensions, etc.? What if I want to simply add the Gazette to my existing Joomla installation?

2. Is it possible to export the template from the Quickstart (Via Helix and then SP Page Builder) and import it to my existing Joomla installation? Of course I would think the images/banners/etc. wouldn't be brought over and I would likely have to copy those graphic files manually... And like the documentation says, I would have to take the pages and "rebuild" them.

3. Where can I disable the other languages, disable the pull-down for the language selection, and have it default for English? (see attached screenshot) I can't seem to find it in Helix options! :)

4. How can I replace the "Pizza" (Pizzagate) SP Page Builder loading icon (file/image attached) to something different? Perhaps to something custom of my own? Since it's the SP Page Builder logo, it's fine if it's on the backend, but I'd rather not have it display anywhere on the frontend...

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTt2-b8Zb9o

Thanks in advance!
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ad 1) It's not so simple, sorry. Yes, typical QuickStart demo content WILL OVERRIDE your current data. It's how Joomla was designed.

ad 2) Partially yes. On test subdomain you can install Quickstart and then Export-Import Pages one by one, Export-Import Template settings and preview module settings.

ad 3) Because those are Joomla core functions. Just disable language module and language plugins.

ad 4) When and where you see that logo? Screenshot please
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