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  2. Tuesday, 07 July 2020
Hi there

I currently have Gazette set with a default header (Header 1) as well as the fixed template preset but the login icon does not appear.

Can you help me detect why that might be? I have tried adding a login to any place on the home page and nothing seems to work.

(what I would love is both the icon to work and to be able to add a full login point somewhere on the home page too - this is actually more important than having the icon)

I used the bare bones Template as I have a rather large site this is being added to.. so there is no room for mixing up with new categories etc. Normally not an issue but in this case I have one or two little things I can't seem to get around.

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like this?

Could you tell me how you did that?

When I try to add a Joomla Modult to the home page.. using the Builder.. I get a whacky login that (if you can log in .. you will never be able to log out of)

Any help is appreciated.
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like this?

YES :) that would be perfect.
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