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  2. Tuesday, 07 July 2020
As a measure to get around the issues I have with Newsberg I tried Gazette as it has the add on's listed for download with it and it's as good for my needs.

But with both I have one outstanding issue.

When I try to change the Red to Green, I start by toggling the custom settings so I am given the choices.

I have entered my account email as well as the generated code in my account.
I have also added the URL to my account list.
And I do click to update the settings

But no changes I make to any colors are actually taking (not the text, the links, the hovers.. nothing) - as this happens on both I must be missing a step.

Can anyone help with this? I would really appreciate a pointer in what I'm doing wrong.
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Adding this experimental link for reference. Here I am just dragging out add ons to see how they can be used in this site.


Currently I have this set for the default colors and all I want changed.. is anything red to the logo green. But when I click to toggle the custom everything goes south and nothing I adjust makes any difference at all.
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