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If you take a look at the demo for this theme towards the bottom there's a section called "Game Box View" I disabled the articles on my site, but I can't figure out the module to make that section go away. Does anyone know exactly what I need to do to disable it?

My site is http://www.audacitygaming.com if you want to know what I'm talking about - thanks for the help in advance.
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Go to Menus>Main Menu>Select Home

Change Menu Item Type

Page Display Options>Change Title or whatever you want

You can find a "work around" with that info already I think, I only have 4 days using Joomla but I think you can...

Hope this is what you are asking for.
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Not what I was looking for, but thanks for trying haha! I've been around Joomla for a while this one is just stumping me. It should definitely be a module but I've went through them 100 times and couldn't find what it could be.
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That's exactly what you're looking for and isnĀ“t a module.

It's a component (http://docs.joomla.org/Component), not a module (http://docs.joomla.org/Module).

Go and see the demo (http://demo.joomshaper.com/?template=crux) navigate to module positions (in the main menu EXPLORE>Module Positions), in the center of the layout you will see a big square in green that says "mainbody/component", that's the "Game Box View". That's the reason why in the example "Game Box View" square doesn't have a contour and label, because is a component and not a module.


Good luck...
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@ KiSUAN many many thanks.
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@Sebastian Lapitz

Thanks for the post! That was driving me crazy lol!
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