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  2. Saturday, 22 July 2017

I have a local host website, and everything is working fine.I was testing with the frontend editing and it seems that it doesn't work when using Safari browser.
I log in, go to the page, click on edit page, click on edit addon, and nothing happens.
Is this a bug in the sp page builder? Or does it simply not work with Safari?
I am on Joomla 3.7.3 and SPPB 2.4.9

Regards, Peter
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yes, when was last update safari browser for PC ... ? 5 years ago? (May 2012 )
you have the answer.
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May I have some questions:
1) What template you have there ? Please try with Protostart template for a test purpose only.
2) Does it work with Chrome/Firefox ?

Almost whole our team have OSX so it sounds weird that it doesn't work on Safari.
Sorry I have PC
Hello Paul,

thanks for your reply.
1) I am using Helix 3 template. Tested on Protostart with the same issues.
2) Yes, it works on Chrome and Firefox.
3) Maybe, the issue is that I am using Safari on PC. I want to test this for my colleague-editors that work on a MAC.
Maybe it is just Safari on PC problem?

Regards, Peter
OK! I dont'have any knowhow of Safari and Mac, and thought this would an option for testing
I guess NOT!

Thanks for your reply, case closed :D !

Regards, Peter

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