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I think this is a known issue but I may have more information.

Many of our websites are multilingual and all use JCE Pro as the editor. TinyMCE simply doesn't cut it it is way too basic for our needs. BTW Joomla, PageBuilder and JCE are all to the latest version.

The front end editor will display a 404 as stated by other persons. What I noticed is that this is only for some language, our websites mostly are English and French. SP PageBuilder's front end editor seems stuck on English (or well for some users, this isn't a problem) but if we try to edit a page that is not in the same language as the editor it will fail 404. Using TinyMCE it works but as I said this isn't a solution.

Digging in the code the problem stems in the file components/com_sppagebuilder/models/form.php on line 108

$query->where('a.language in (' . $db->quote(JFactory::getLanguage()->getTag()) . ',' . $db->quote('*') . ')');

For a reason I do not understand the language WHERE will include the editor's language (in my case en-GB) and the wildcard (*) and NOT the actual page's language (my case fr-FR) and of course the database won't find the page.

Commenting out the line stated before fixes the editor.

Why is the editor even adding a WHERE on the language?!?
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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us & Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you communicate with the JCE editor? If you didn't you should contact with them. Let me know the feedback form of the JCE editor Author.

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No I didn't contact JCE as I consider this a bug in PageBuilder, if you read what I explained by commenting out a line in PageBuilder's code I get rid of this issue. Why a fix in PageBuilder be JCE's problem?!

Also I do not understand why I should contact JCE when there seems to be a long standing bug between PageBuilder and JCE for many of your customers, you always seem to blame JCE and do want to be involved? Why don't you reach out to them and try to find a fix between their devs and your? Why should a customer be involved within the development/debugging of 2 paid softwares when the customer is probably the person with the less knowledge in all the parties involved? Don't your customer pay you especially for this purpose, so you fix problems? So far you seem to provide less support for your paid softwares than open-source software developers provide to their users...
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