1. Glamour
  2. Tuesday, 17 January 2017
After instalation of quickstart front end only works if I turn off "unpublish" pagebuilder pages. 404 not found works. In all other cases error 500 cant open front end at all?
And backend work normal in every case in admin panell ewerything is normal.
can you help me with this?
Accepted Answer

You are using latest SP Page Builder but the template your are using is not compatible to latest SP Page builder.

We are working on that template to support latest SP Page Builder.

Now you need to use earlier SP Page Builder.

Here is the earlier SP Page Builder download link :


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  2. Glamour
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Hi there,

Could you please share your website url with administrator login info via private message ? So that I can take a look at it.

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  2. Glamour
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Sure I can
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  2. Glamour
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