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  2. Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Other problems with this theme
Would it be possible to align the time with the date (a) to the minimum.
Possibly (b)
Accepted Answer
in general it's beyond our support, because we talk about dpcalendar component.
But try this:

.com-dpcalendar-eventform .dp-datepicker,
.com-dpcalendar-eventform .dp-timepicker {
max-width: 110px !important;
display: inline-block !important;}

About custom CSS read here: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/helix-framework/helixultimate#custom-code

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Hi guys,
I want put in evidence something that may be can help to fix this and others issues definitively on Helix Ultimate:
- DPCalendar is 100% built on using default Joomla Custom Fields (DPCalendar Developer is the one who has given Custom Fields for free to the community)
- All its Layouts are running perfectly on Protostar and Beez3 templates (I tested also other templates) - @Paul I'm sending you a Super Admin access by PM to a Test2 / Test sites
= I suppose that something in Helix Ultimate is happening, that the issues we are having back could be all related and can / could causing other issues with any other Extensions...

Issues encountered:
A - Create Event > Content tab > Color: "none" is automatically added and prefilled in the field
B - Create Event > Content tab > Color Selector: is not shown - when it is setted using Joomla color Custom Field instead to leave the field blank (point "A";)
C - Create Event > Content tab > Datpickers and Hourspickers fields alignment = the one that you gently get helped to solve here with a Custom CSS value = many thanks!
D - Create Location > Content Tab > Location lookup - the search button is not inline
E - Create Location > Publishing > Modified Date / Start Publishing / Finish Publishing Calendar icons are not inline
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Extensions conflicts (also with template) are beyond support, so it depends only on our good will if we can slightly help you on the forum
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Hi Paul,
I believe that at least point "A", where seems that Helix Ultimate is overriding "none" in the field probably causing the second "B" issue, would be worthy of investigation by Helix Ultimate

As I worte all it is happening only with Helix Ultimate template
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I understand, but personally I also wait for HU update too long !!!!
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