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I know your posts about downloading fonts and handling local. I use it for my sites already and also know the process behind.

Yootheme allows for example, finally to download with a simple click the fonts and write the CSS parts into a file. This is a very nice and helpful feature.

Do you plan also such a feature in near future? Also for Helix, Pagebuilder and other Extensions?
For example, if I select somewhere in a Pagebuilder Element a font, this one is ALWAYS downloaded from Google server, also when the font exists locally.

Please, some one else interested in such a feature?

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yes, we can consider this for Helix update.
Indeed it may help beginner webmasters.
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Please dont forget Pagebuilder! It loads the fonts selected in some elements independent from the template!.
Also these font-selections should be downloadable and inserted into a template css file perhaps a special one for pagebuilder?
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I general some users use 5-10 different fonts and they are surprises why the site is loading slow.
I cannot promise soon, but for sure we will consider it.
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