1. Steve
  2. SP Page Builder 3.x
  3. Friday, 27 September 2019
Hey there!
This slideshow add-on is getting better all the time.

I'd like to request a few things that I believe will make it much more functional (unless I am missing a whole lot of settings somewhere)

  • Being able to add a button, and use an image as the button
  • Being able to add a link to an image content type
  • Being able to embed a module as a content type
  • Being able to embed another add-on (understanding some just shouldn't be embedded)
  • Auto-filling the original image size when you add an image (it's just not quite right yet)

If you guys could take a look and at least consider some of these (or correct me if they are already there and I am blind), I would very much appreciate it.
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Hi Steve,
thanks for trust and idea, I hope as you said that all or almost all would be implemented soon.

All your ideas seem to be reasonable ;)
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