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  2. Friday, 14 June 2013

We are using SP Facebook - with plugin type Like-box

despite having set a module width in the module params (216px), the like-box iframe pushes outside that width, so beyond our module borders.

It's not been acting that way forever, it worked until maybe a week ago or something, we don't know exactly when it didn't work anymore.

I think the activity plugin is the only one that sticks to the boundaries, all other plugins seem to have their own ideas on how wide they want to be.

Can you give us an idea on how to fix this?
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I have the same problem. The width of the module does not change. I have no problem with hight but width never changes.

Please help :)
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Update module from here : http://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/sp-facebook#

and click Show Border no from like box options.

Note: Width not be reduce less than 292px. It fixed by facebook
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Hi, I have the same problem. Module updated and I have clicked Show Border NO from like box options. The width is set on 500px but the width is beyond the module border as you can see in the attachment.
Why is not possible to set AUTO the width for SP Facebook module why the SP Tweet module is AUTO?
May you help me?

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