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  2. Friday, 04 April 2014

Facebook buttons height become 1000px if go back to the page with SP share using browser "Go back" button.
You can test it right here http://demo.joomshaper.com/extensions/plugin/sp-share.
How to fix it?
Snapshot is in attachment.

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in my pc its showing 20 px height, i have attached a image. anyway, you can modify css by using this class '.fb_iframe_widget iframe'

.fb_iframe_widget iframe {
height: 20px;

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it's normal when you go to the page for the first time.
problems happen in Google Chrome when you leave that page and come back using "Go back button" at the top left corner of the browser,and also for this problem after 1 minute the facebook button disappears.

but anyway your provided code helps with height (for first minute because buttons disappear then)

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