1. SP Quick Contact (Module, not addon)
  2. Thursday, 05 July 2012
Hello! First thank you for this great extension it works great but i want to add an extra field to the form but i don't get the value from this new field.

I added an extra field in tmpl/default.php

<input type="text" name="delovno" id="delovno" onfocus="if (this.value=='<?php echo $delovno_text ?>') this.value='';" onblur="if (this.value=='') this.value='<?php echo $delovno_text ?>';" value="<?php echo $delovno_text ?>"/>

and in javascript

var sp_sc<?php echo $uniqid ?> = new sp_sc('sp_qc_submit', {
name: document.id('name'),
modId: <?php echo $uniqid ?>,
email: document.id('email'),
subject: document.id('subject'),
delovno: document.id('delovno'),
message: document.id('message'),
status: document.id("sp_qc_status";),
name_text: "<?php echo $name_text ?>",
email_text: "<?php echo $email_text ?>",
delovno_text: "<?php echo $delovno_text ?>",
msg_text: "<?php echo $msg_text ?>",
err_msg: "<?php echo $err_msg ?>",
email_warn: "<?php echo $email_warn ?>",
wait_text: "<?php echo $wait_text ?>",
failed_text: "<?php echo $failed_text ?>",
ajax_url: "<?php echo JURI::base() ?>modules/mod_sp_quickcontact/helper.php"

In helper.php i add:

$delovno = JRequest::getVar('delovno');

But i still can't get the value form this field. I think that meybe the problem is in script.js ???

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You have done half of the modification

You have to edit the Js file which is in the assets folder and add your new field.

For that you have decompress the JS and do the modification. compress the JS file again to run the module


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