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  2. Friday, 10 July 2020
I installed a google analytics tracer and the company that made me install it has these messages:

- this page uses the non-standard "zoom" property. Consider using calc () in the values of the relevant properties or use 'transform' with 'transform-origin: 0 0 "

- blocking of loading of mixed active content: http: // call.mgtmod01.com/?/pushctid/aw "

- blocking of a multi-origin request (cross-origin-rquest): the 'same origin' policy does not allow consulting the remote resource located on https: //call.mgtmod01.pushctid/aw ..... request failed corns.

What can I do ?? help me please
thank you

I specify that I use your template 'shaper empire' and only your sppagebuilder tools except "google tag manager"
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sorry to ask you my question again but it becomes a bit urgent and i'm afraid i've been forgotten ...
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I scanned whole Empire Quickstart package and I couldn't find any link to

call . mgtmod01 . com

maybe your website was hacked in the meantime.
or it's from the extra extension which you installed. For sure it's not from us nor Joomla.

Google research , search youself
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1st Zoom - can be overridden by custom CSS if somehow Google don't like it.
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Website Security Audit & cleaning CMS code from malware is an expensive service, so please remember about it.
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