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  2. Friday, 28 June 2013
I have just downloaded and installed your Simplicity template with the quick install aswell, turned out to be a very easy to use and well rounded template, thank you very much.

As soon as i published the FreesliderSp1 into the correct position that you suggest, the website crashes with the error :

Fatal error: Class 'JModelLegacy' not found in /homepages/33/d471395416/htdocs/shaper_simplicity_ii_quickstart_j25/modules/mod_freeslider_sp1/helper.php on line 18

Being shown, i have tried turning off error reporting, however i then just get a blank screen on my website, im most definitley not a Joomla expert so any help would be greatly appreciated, here is the link to my website if that provides any help http://www.homecredit-finance.co.uk, with the slider currently unpiblished.

Thanks in advance!
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I can see your site is working just fine.
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Thanks for the reply Kowshar, i actually ended up installing the whole template via the quickinstall again and re-directing the domain to the new directory.
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