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  2. Monday, 25 February 2019
We are getting ready to launch a new website and are getting a few hits on a WCAG 2.0 test that we ran. I am not sure if it is a false positive or if there is an actual issue, but it is returning 3 errors.

- Empty Link (Off Canvas Menu). It is referring to the actual 3 lines that you click to activate the off-canvas menu

- Missing form label (search box). It is showing this error on desktop and mobile. We tried to add an Aria label for the search box but it was still returning an error. We were able to eliminate it by activating the core Joomla search box by deleting the default.php in the search section, but it doesn't go with the look of the template. Do you have a suggestion for clearing up this issue or is it showing an error on something that isn't actually a problem?

The website is SDLSites.com

Thank you,
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Thanks for your query. Actually those errors won't do any harm for your site that's for sure. So you actually no need to worry about that :)

-Best Regards
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