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  2. Tuesday, 16 September 2014
Hi, I am having a weired situation with 2 sites that are using Helix II.

I have developed these sites the same way I've developed another 20 sites, using the same Joomla, Joomla Component's and Helix versions, and hosted them in the same server. Only those 2 have this kind of behavior.

The site was just fine, everything was working great, until I had to open the template style settings to enter the Google Analytics ID of these sites. After saving it, the site was gone! Only the background was present in the front-end, but no positions, modules or components. I returned to the template style settings, and the Layout tab was "empty" (see 1st attached image).

I've tried recreating the positions, but no success. Every time I click on Save, the layout becomes empty again. I needed the site to become "visible" again. So I've got a backup copy of the site and copied the #__template_styles that was previously there. Ok, the site's front-end was visible again with all modules, positions and components. So I went to the back-end to try to enter the Google Analytics code again, but before saving the settings I checked the Layout tab, and it was "empty" again. Tho avoid the problem, I've clicked in close, without saving the changes.

And here I am asking for help. I've tried to understand the problem, but couldn't figure it out.

Can someone check it out for me?
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which helix version are you using ? could you please update your helix versions.
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Hi Rifat,

Helix Template 2.1.3
Helix Plugin 2.1.4

I'm downloading the new packages and going to do the update. I'll let you know the results.
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Solved with the upgrade! Thanks...
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Hi clickright,
You are always welcome :)
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