1. Dylan
  2. Friday, 05 June 2020
How do we change or edit the svg images (2 & 6) that appear in the front of the dark theme?...this is not explained in the documentation.... however it loads with the quick-start..
See https://www.screencast.com/t/ySmnQXKwV80w
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Sorry for the delayed response!
And thanks for your suggestion. Actually we assume that our users will use the photos of their own needs that suit and reflects their requirements!
However, I can understand what you are asking for, I will convey your message.

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  2. Dylan
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You can change or edit the image from the frontend editing view easily.
Please follow the below screenshots:

I hope this helps!

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  2. Dylan
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Yeah I knew that...but since these images came with the template I just presumed you also supplied a whole deck of numbers?....you know like 1-9 & 0... why are they not supplied?

I would like to do something similar but I dont even know what font that is etc....?

Tip: If you include a number graphic on a template like this you should provide the variations of the example graphic.... just put them in the demo files...with the files you display...would have taken the designer ten minutes to do..... or use a font awesome type of functionality so they can easily be adjusted......

Instead its going to take someone who doesnt do graphics hours to figure out and try and replicate..not everyone who buys templates are graphic designers, or coders, or css experts or server admins.... etc etc..
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  2. Dylan
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