1. SP Page Builder 3.x
  2. Wednesday, 26 August 2020
I've come across a issue where 'Edit Own' doesn't work unless 'Edit' is enabled (in PB Permissions settings).

I've tested by enabling 'Create' and 'Edit Own' in the Permissions, creating the page and then trying to edit it ... it can't be done unless 'Edit' is enabled as well, which means the user can then edit any page vs. only the one they created. Unless permissions are disabled for every user type except the submitter of the page, then that the user will be able to edit all pages even though they aren't admins/super users.

I'm guessing the Edit Own was designed to work similar to how K2 manages user/content edit access, but that's not the case with PageBuilder.

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Can anyone from Joomshaper confirm if this is a bug/issue that will be addressed in a future release of Page Builder, or am I missing something settings-wise from my testing?

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  2. SP Page Builder 3.x
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Is there anyone on staff that I can PM about this issue?
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  2. SP Page Builder 3.x
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