1. Bogo Nicole
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  3. Monday, 09 May 2016

I want to customize the layout of the contact form (see screenshot)

Where do I do that?

Thanks for help.
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Hi Bogo,

Layout overrides is the technique to override a component or module output on a page but such jobs are outside of the scope of our support. Please play with this wiki at https://docs.joomla.org/Understanding_Output_Overrides


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Bogo Nicole wrote:
Where do I do that?

Hello, the form is the PB AddOn "Ajax Contact". You might find some information about "Overrides" in the page-builder documentation. At least the location where to put/copy the files. There is also a short description about the 2 important files and their content/structure. So your options are: A.) copy files to create an override, or B.) copy files and rename them to get a new AddOn.

Hope this helps.
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