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  3. Monday, 13 January 2020
Is it possible to edit an addon and save it so it changes for all the instances used? It would be very handy, as otherwise, one has to recreate and edit every page if the addon needs to be changed...I can't seem to see if this can be done. Thank you
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You will create a custom addon and make it your own. Please follow this link
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Yes! You can do that!
you can save any addon, section or even pages for later use.
It can be possible if you want to show the addon on any specific position of your website by just creating a module and recall the saved addon within it.
However, here are the steps on how to save any addon for later use:
Please find the 'save addon' option:
save addon text block.png

Then named it and apply:

Then from Tools>My addons ...find the saved addon name and drag & drop it where you want to see:

Hope this helps!
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