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For my Webpage i am using now two image galleries. I implement the galleries via module. The problem is, when I click on one of the images from the easy image gallery, the navigation arrows are not working. When I click on the image itself, then it shows the next image, but then I can't navigate to the previous one since the arrows are not working.

Problem is on mobile too. The problem only exists if i use the layout type "Single Album". In layout type "Album List" everything works fine. But i need "Single Album" option.

I Updated the gallery with no succsess. But i saw that SP Easy Image Gallery - Module is only in Version 1.4. SP Easy Image Gallery - Component is in Version 1.5. maybe that is the problem. When i download now the latest files from Easy gallery, i get the following files:




I read another post with the same bug today. and it was finally solved with version 1.5. Maybe with the update of "SP Easy Image Gallery - Module" it is solved for me too. Can you provide me the update or fix the link too the right version?

Thanks in advance for your help and keep up the good work.
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Problem is solved. Joomla did not install version 1.4 of the easy image gallery module. so i deinstalled version 1.3 deleted the joomla cache and installed version 1.4 and voila it works by now.

Problem solved
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