1. SP Page Builder 1.x (not supported version)
  2. Sunday, 22 November 2015
I've construct a new homepage with SP Pagebuilder pro. Always seems perfect, because I follow an exemple with the "OnePage template" I've bought.
When I active the row with Slideshow, I've 3 strange trouble.
First, I don't see the picture (it's OK if I use another module like Carousel pro for exemple)
Second, the "smooth scroll" for going to a section ID is KO (OK if I disable the row with the slideshow)
Third, if I scroll manually, the menu scroll from bottom but don't stop on the top and of course disappear (OK if I disable the row with the slideshow)
Also I'll really happy if somebody can help me, because I've made different tests from 2 days. Now I've know the problem (activing the slideshow) but I don't have the solution If I like to use the slideshow module.
Thanks a lot
Accepted Answer
Slideshow Pro SP2 is based on mootools and may conflict with jQuery. We do not recommend anyone to use that old module.
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OK Kowshar

Thank you for your response



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