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Dear Sirs,
I am trying to build up a News Webiste from scratch using Gazette Template. I cannot use the quickstart package and don't want to, I cannot destroy an existing site, just need a different template.

So, what I've done is that I've installed the quickstart package on a local server and and from there I am replicating those parts of the quickstar package that I need in the new site... But, what I have realized now is that the "Addon: Articles" that comes in the Quickstart Package, is different from the one downloaded from your site, as can be seen by the screenshot attached. They are different or, please, tell me whether I am doing something wrong? Then, please, how can I solve this? Can you help?


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Does "SP Builder Pro" come in the different versions?

No version is this same, I mean PRO.
But in some templates, like in this one, we have overridden addons (files)


It means that there could be small differences in front-end design and admin settings in addons only(!) between raw SPPB Pro and SPPB included inside QS. Is now all clear?
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Yes it's clear,
but now my question is, can I use those addons included in the quickstart without installing the the quickstart package?
Because I CANNOT use the quickstart package, I cannnot destroy an existing site but in the meantime I need those addons!? Is it possible to download them from somewhere and add them to the currente existing site??

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Yes, they are inside a template package. So after installing a template, make sure that they are copied (uploaded) as well.

Yes, I know QuickStart is a complete demo site, it cannot be used to update current Joomla.
You can install Quickstart on test subdomain, and check all settings and export Pages one by one if you need.
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