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  2. Thursday, 22 September 2016
Hello, would you mind to improve the navigation in your documentation section?

- category index looks nice. but the ordering is confusing. It should be A-Z.
(alternatively, index could display category names(##) only. Show contents on each category page.)
- inside an article, you can't return to the list / parent category ?!
- even the breadcrumbs do not show the current path/category. Only the root.

Sure... I am aware of the browser's back-button, but that is not a smart solution, isn't it?!
Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for your valuable post. I have forward this post to our team memebr. We will take a decision as soon as possible.

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I agree with you is not prefect.
In next weeks we are going to improve whole documentation section.
We have some new mock-ups already.
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