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  2. Wednesday, 30 August 2017
Hi, grateful if you could advise the difference between adding codes in custom.css and the custom code of SP Page Builder on changing the height of the Product Slider from 665 to 300

I added the code below in the custom.css but no effect has taken place.

.sppb-slideshow-products-item-bg {
height: 300px;

When I add the same code in the custom css of SP Page Builder, it was working at once.

The url of my site is http://cms.hkbws.org.hk/eshop


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Of course, also inside custom.css can be done, but it request to use maybe more class name before or ID name . Sometimes even need "!important" rule.
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the answer is only one, ORDER (screenshot)
custom code from SPPB is loaded after so it's "more important" for browser.
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