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  2. Thursday, 21 February 2019
Hello JS Team,
ive two questions for sp portfolio:

Ive to the different Image-View in the sp Portfolio on the template Wyne Corp.:
We have three different sizes for photos: 600x600, 800x600 and 600x400px.
So i create new Portfolio-items, i cant choose the different sizes. I create my pictures e.g. in 600x400, the item lookes in the 800x600px view. So how can i see, or choose the right size in the item for the photo?

When im open the 800x600 items in the picture-view, the picture is too high for the page-high. How can i say the portfolio, put the opensize smaller?

Hope you can help me.
Greetings from germany
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Thanks for your query. You can choose the image size from the portfolio settings http://prntscr.com/moiuau
And about the single view. You can use a smaller sized image or you can share your site url here. Thus i can check if i can help you using some css there.

-Best Regards
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Hey Sifat,

thank you very much for your answer.
Can you give me a solution for the size problem in the picture-view when the visitor click of the (+) on Thumbnail:

You click on Thumbnail of the (+). The photo get open. But its too high.
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