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I have two websites both using PageBuilder Pro 3.6.5 - One has Eventum template other has Flex (also based on Helix 3).

When I use Page Builder Gallery Add-on I get completely different options, even when I export a page form the Eventum website to the Flex website, most of the options are not in the one I import into (Flex).

So I can only set the width of the thumbnail in the one - whereas in the originating one I can set the width and the height and much more.

Why is there a difference in the same version of SP PageBuilderPro please.

I am desperate to get this working!

See image enclosed for side-by-side comparison

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I sorted this by copying the contents of /components/sppagebuilder/addons/gallery

to my template same directory

Now it all works!

Clearly it seems as if the update of SPPageBuilder does not update the template directories as well

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SPPB is a component, it cannot update template folders. Those are two different areas of CMS.
In each JoomShaper template documentation, I always try to add info in which addons are new or overridden.


Flex is not our product, it overrides a lot of addons. Long sad story.
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