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  2. Tuesday, 14 January 2020

I know that there is no option to let the costumers choose the time period in the SP Medical appointment page, but there is this option in the Dentro template appointment page which i think made specially for doctors. (I also found it in the Salon and Themis templates.)

Is there a way to attach this two together?

As I see, if i give the doctors available hours, hour by hour like: monday 9-10, monday 10-11 the system will take my appointment the next available hour. However in the backend, SP Medical: Appoinments page all the appoinment times are 12:00 am unlike on the frontend calendar view.

i understand your point of view what i read in an other post, but for example in my salon there are specialists and doctors as well who's got an accurate time allocation...so they'd love to use this function in this extension.

So! If there is any way to attach this together, please make me know. We are working on a new website, and i'd love to use Joomshaper further.

Kind regards!
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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. We are very sorry to say that, we don't allow to provide the customization support.

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