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  2. Themis
  3. Wednesday, 04 March 2020

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the debug position?

I want a video to be played at my startpage fullscreen, but at the bottom there is still a blue border.
After showing module postions,i found out it was the debug position.

I made a test module and placed it at the debug position, just to be sure. See screenshot.

I already copied the template just for the startpage.
Deleted every row in layoutbuilder (like footer, ...) but there is nog debug position.

I searched for the debug option in joomla but it is turned off.

SO, how can i make the debug position dissapear?
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for me, it doesn't look like a debug position. Besides if none module is published in debug, this area should be empty. Yes, it's built-in position, not visible in layout manager.

use code inspector from your browser to identify Html element

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