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  2. Saturday, 01 February 2020
Hello, sorry I very confused about Tour Date on Travus or SP Booking.
The start date must be after today's date, if I set it to the past date, This package is not available! on the frontend and the guest can't book the package.

When I try to place an order, I receive a confirmation email like this


Why check in and check out date following this date? Why not check in and check out dates on the booking form?


And also why should I set a date after today? Because I want to make a tour package starting from January 1, 2020, not a tour package that starts for the future.

For example, if I set a start date on February 1, 2020, then this tour will not be available tomorrow.

Can you give me solution? Thank you.
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Sorry, but I don't have a solution right now.
It request component code customization.
But it's good that you suggested those changes.
I will add to the wish-list. Then we both have to wait.
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