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  2. Friday, 04 September 2020

the website i am working on (http://www.physio-nienhagen.de) shows a dark line underneath the header menu (see DarkLine.png). I have checked all background colors and they don't make this problem. Do you have an idea what could make this issue?

I found the following in the internet:

#sp-header {

position: absolute;


I placed this in the custom css of the template and the dark line disapperaes.

But the top part of the big image is missing then on mobile devices (see Mobile.jpg)
On Desktop Computers the Logo is misplaced over the big image (see Desktop.png)

Activated Template is shaper_helixultimate - Default

Any ideas?

Kind regards
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I see you got rid of your problem.

Can i ask you then which moduledid you use in Aktueller Kursplan section?
I need to do a plan schedule and i am looking for something like You did there.

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No, not at all. The problem is still the same. It is only working with Chrome browser for desktop and not on mobile devices :-( I just painted the line in white ;-)

The module which is used for the time table under "Aktueller Kursplan" is called: Timetable Responsive Schedule For Joomla


Kind regards
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