1. Bloggani
  2. Monday, 27 June 2016
Little help needed
I intend to customize the AcyMailing Newsletter in order to look as in Bloggani Demo
Is it correct that I need to add a custom class to template.css or is it a less file instead that needs to be compiled afterwards?
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first read: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/helix3/custom-code-settings
it means override , not edit core css files.

second, sure you can use custom class indeed.
But probably you have only one newsletter module, you can create new css for it even without new class added in module settings.
Because it has unique general class "acymailing_module_form"
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Third (3) tip:
AcyMailing newsletter module has more settings that you notices probably.
I suggest to switch at least one thing:
Display Mode : Tableless

it will help you remove < table >, < td > , < tr > - from code to keep more clean code, better for customization
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