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  2. Saturday, 02 August 2014

I just started with using the Helix template. It's perfect and is really good looking. I was wondering if I can customize the template, in specific the Feature module and make it's width 100% of the browser window.

My current page: http://huser.net/connystehli.ch/
I want to achieve a layout like this: http://bionicbody.com/

Thanks a lot in advance,
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Go to template manager, open the layout then open the module position, now remove the custom class container.
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Hi Sohan,

thanks a lot for your answer, which brought me a big step forward. But maybe I need to clarify what I wanted to achieve, I see that I have not written all that I thouhgt about.

My target is actually to have the picture filling all of the feature section and hidding the background color. Which means that it should span to 100% of the window (this you gave me the solution), but I wanted as well to have the same for the height.
For the height I already figured out that my editor tool added me unnecessary paragraphs, which I could remove by switching to JCE (produces a lot cleaner code).
Somewhere I still get some margin/padding that leads to an orange bar on my page.
I use Text Slider.

The idea was to achieve it by using simple styling and not changing something on the template level itself. Any ideas?
I've seen that maybe I could do css styling by referencing the element with id 'carousel'. But then I need to overwrite all styling of this element.

Best regards,

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Go to this path: templates\shaper_helix_ii\less, open the presets.less file and remove the code from 42-54 line.
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